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This site was created so you can observe all the different Electric golf cars Models in One place and pick the one that fits you the best. Please enjoy the information and the videos... Remember this is personal opinion's based on 10 years of recondtioning and selling golf cart's. We do not certify that we are 100% correct on every fact and detail.

There are Club Car Electric Golf Carts , Ezgo Electric Golf Carts , Yamaha Electric and you can choose between the three up at the top of this page which will also give you a break down of the history and model changes throughout the years.

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Electric Golf Cars have been growing in numbers for years. If you think about it; it has even been the driving force behind electric cars and the way they operate. The Regenerative braking has been nice to add onto the technology although it is in its early stages. It has transistioned its way onto the electric cars that we are seeing today. Just think without Electric Golf Cars where we would be at today with our electric technology have it not made its way onto the scene many years ago.

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Ezgo Golf Carts, Club Car Golf Carts, Yamaha Golf Carts, and Fairplay Golf Carts are the four major brands of electric golf carts that are in the market today. The Vehicles are different today than they were in the late 1990's back. Electric Golf Carts used to contain 2 and 2.5 horse power motors. This was fine to play golf with while only having 2 people and 2 bags. Today's golf carts require a lot more than they did in the 90's and back. Today they require all the accesories that you love like rear seats, lift kits, headlights taillights, boxes, and etc. So today's carts have 3.1 and above motors to give the carts the power to fulfill the requirements of todays electric golf Cars. It is much more costly but you can also upgrade your motor and controller on your golf cart to make it go even faster and stronger.

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Electric Golf Cart Lights are always confusing when you go to install them. When you go to install Electric Golf Cars Lights you need to use some common sense and maybe a volt meter. You need to find between 12 and 16 volts. Most headlights taillights will contain 12 to 16 Volts when you buy them. Its very simple after that you just hook straight to positive to the 12 Volts. Club Car precedent Electric Golf Cars come pre wired for lights and as long as you order lights that will fit into the OEM wiring.

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